I was born in the capital of Chad, in N’djamena, on April 7th. I moved to the USA in 2000 and prior to that, lived in Libreville, the capital of Gabon, Africa. I never knew that writing was something I would be fond of until my junior/senior year at Richmond Hill High School. It was in English class, we were asked to write a poem. From that point on, I have been writing and cannot stop writing.
I consider myself a poet, innovative thinker, and writer but also a soccer, basketball player. I was told that Success is reaching your fullest potentials so I give writing my all (everything) and that makes me a simple lover of Life. I ventured in modeling in the past, please visit http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/629717/viewall or http://www.ModelMayhem.com/Koumtog.
As a New Yorker, a 9 to 5 job allows me to maintain my life-style yet I find ways to do what I enjoy the most and I am now focused on writing. I am a contributor for Face2FaceAfrica and have been since February 2015. Please check out my articles and posts:
Activist, Author, {Peculiar} Thinker, and Blogger,
My greatest prize – as a writer- was my first collection, self-published in 2007- CLASSICS: DIPLOMATS IN EXILE. I am dedicated to this Art and will give it my all because we will change the world one poem at a time. Thank you for your support.

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