We were rooting for her as she leaves, as above, so below, hence call her The Chosen Stem.
The masses, we call them, they are people yet victims of a vicious system.
If New York City cannot sleep, Nairobi will never experience REM.
How about Nicaragua City or Nagasaki, what will happen to them?

In the name of Peace, we wage wars… We’ve gotten so close, yet the farther we are. Get rid of politics and promote our beautiful art. Prophets revealed the destruction of our Cosmos; look at NASA exploring the moon and Mars. Why save lives when so much blood is shed, making matter worse than they are? In the name of sanity, these people went in, arriving to their senses as their senses depart. Where is your heart? Pleasing Peace, give them a peace of mind in piece or just in in part.
We have not gotten closer to world issues thus far. What’s really Art?

If Shakespeare was it, this Poet will for ever be running after this pitch (Poetry) like a hungry Hound. Deep are the roots of this tree I call leaves as the leaves are rooted in this ground. Fast is the speed of the Light that shines through darkness, faster than the speed of sound. Judgement is sound yet in the quiet Moment of this loud noise cannot be found. Thus far, we are safe since we are in, as this sense of Silence within us resounds.

Do something for me, words alone won’t do anything to me… They won’t do
anything for me! Hunger of my thirst, I am as hungry as thirsty. For
actions speak louder than words, why don’t you do the same conspicuously?
With Inspiration comes Standard, this can’t be a conspiracy.
So many people are dying by the Millions, what is the epitome of Life to



Today’s Poetry and

Forever we Dwell in It
In order to make things right again, I went to the beginning of it all
and asked God not to touch Adam’s rib. Instead, I suggested to use part of Adam’s Heart in order to make his better half… Our Genesis
on New Year’s Eve. SHE IS HIM, NOT JUST IN PART… And if tempted to
walk away from the Truth, she didn’t depart… She couldn’t have, Deer
of a Hart. My Dear, fools thought like-wise instead of being smart.
Ever since, the body thirsts after food. For the Lamb’s skin, for Men
and Women, is a sign of that Everlasting Fountain, Water of waters for your hunger.
As sweet as Honey is the thought of Poetry this morning, as I dreamt
about the wonders of this Beautiful Garden. As I wander this morning,
I said good-morning beautiful Creation from Heaven. As I thank the
Heavens for the source of this inspiration, found in Eden. Muses from
Egypt and Ancients Rome and Greek gods did clash in brainstorming this
moment described by my ink-less pen.

I said I was writing you a piece. So before I start, know that I come with
Peace. I’m not after you for superficial reasons, I tend to be deep. This
poem of fire will extinguish your water, burning emotion, my feeling is the
least. I just came in although I wasn’t on your list. I had nowhere to
go, I could not renew my lease. Awake, I’m still asleep… Away from
any analogy to any Inception, I’m writing about unknown scenes as I
sleep. Sleeping Beauty, when it comes to this Art, I’m a Beast! This
is another moment somewhat bliss. I will empower you even though you
are homeless, watch this!
You have yet to hear my Heart beats… Peace be still. I’ve moved mountains
before, walked on waters and my hands will be witnesses to my feet. We’ve
danced, that wasn’t it. Should I enter as I exit. Leaving the past behind,
my beginning, nevertheless but the more, not even a little bit. My touch is
as gentle as this and stronger than a punch of a hit… Poetic is my
Essence, turning cold into heat. Please partake of it… I could keep
writing: I did over come my defeat. I am neat. You are neater, that is it.
© Christian Djimra Koumtog

Picture by Luckas Menard


Published by: ckoumtog

Activist, Model, Poet/Writer, Soccer Player and an Entrepreneur at ENTREPRENEUR DE DEMAIN. I have to clarify that my focus from 2006 until 2012 was modeling and the Entertainment business. I never wanted to be an actor although I currently have two Wavers under my belt. I just "need" one more to go from being a Non Union to an Union (SAG) "actor" but {again} that was never my passion- acting! I (nonetheless) have [indeed] done a number of background acting works and gigs. My first work was for NBC and the first show I have ever worked on was 30 Rock. It was unbelievable being on stage with Aleck Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Tina Faye, LL Cool J, Wayne Brady (those last two were featured co-Stars); that was shot on 2/08/2007. I also did some background acting on Cashmere Mafia for ABC as of 9/2007, Ugly Betty from 2008-2010, Kings (2009), Royal Pains and the Good Wife (2010). It was great being an extra also in Films like: THE SMURFS (shot on June 2010) and NEW YEAR'S EVE (2011). As a Poet, I not only want to convey what I feel but {I want to} also express what you, the reader, feel. My inspiration is the loving grace of God (Jesus Christ), my country of birth, the Republic of Chad (Africa) and this World you and I live in. I also find it in Nature (her beauty), my Family and experience. But also in great writers and people like Leopold Sedar Senghor, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, e e cummings, Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) and Jacques Prevert (he is French, I am fluent in French). I also did model as mentioned, I have done a number of fashion shows (Couture Fashion Week in 2009 & 2010, Africa Fashion Week in 2009, etc) when speaking of my younger days. As a soccer player, I played every Sunday in an amateur league in Long Island City and Flushing, Queens. Actually, I went to Kansas City March of 2011 to try out professionally to be part of the Kansas City Sporting (a Major League Soccer) team. I did not make it, unfortunately. My sense of Activism is an everyday matter, from the way I carry myself to writing and promoting this beautiful Art called Poetry. In the future, it will involve concrete actions in developing not only Chad but Africa and promoting the values of Education. I am currently dabbling with the thought of becoming an accomplished lucrative poet (I write a lot!), becoming and a successful Entrepreneur. But yes, I would love to be connected to an understanding PUBLISHING COMPANY that will understand my creative drive and artistic vision so please reach out to me or refer my work if you can. As you read and as you saw, my real Passion is Poetry. I love writing poems. Recently, I have been performing it only because it was another way to reach out to People (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAKfUhJ4BJ8). I recently was asked to blog for the 2013 Men's Pageant for Face of Africa. (Here is the first article I wrote http://faceofafricausa.com/preparation/). "Home-less" was a poem written for a project that was helping people affected by hunger and poverty. It was for the The FWCares Project. http://flexwriterblogsonline.net/?p=231. My self-published book of poetry, entitled CLASSICS: DIPLOMATS IN EXILE (2007) is my #1 Achievement. I started writing at the age of 18. I am in need of sponsors and/or publishers. This vision God blessed me with is simple: We Will Change The World One Poem At A Time. NON STOP POETRY... It is within ALL of us! Just find it.

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One thought on “#WeAreOneAgainstThem”

  1. Great piece, full of imagery, art, and deep thinking nostalgia!

    “In order to make things right again, I went to the beginning of it all
    and asked God not to touch Adam’s rib. Instead, I suggested to use part of Adam’s Heart in order to make his better half… Our Genesis”

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