And People Eventually Don’t {Ever} Think Anymore

You cannot assume that people can understand your power. People are unable to comprehend that magnitude of power. Take note, note the emotion of this specific verse, feel its spirit! Take home this thought and engrave it into your daily thoughts, your Spirit.

Getting the news or believing in the Good News? The speculations have been that the Messiah gives everlasting life. That the Chosen One is not who the messengers of Lucifer are trying to preach. The Truth of the Way that leads to a true Life is that the Savior of the world is as simple as Namibia (Africa), that is as dark as Nubia, and as giving as the Nile.

Be loose in your beliefs or get lost in others? Unapologetic will these stanzas be since the world wants to be politically correct and promulgate grey areas. Let us think with our mouths and speak out our brains; that is intelligent. We are full of intelligence, a new breed. And wisdom is to convince the unthinkers.

Non-thinkers: they are being tossed left and right in the name of unknown rights, questioning if they should ever look left, they became lukewarm and stuck in the middle of middle grounds. Being cost effective or focus on head counts?

Quantity, please concentrate on quality! Revolutionary modern Negroes burnt small-minded people’s nooses. Watching them as their heads ended up in their own traps. They, those racists, have no color, they are black and white and green and blue.

Blue-collars: in the name of [invisible] liaisons, please cut off your left arms and right foot-  in the name of self-sanity. For it is better to lose one eye than your complete sight. Blinded, we, they, and you have been since the fifteenth century about the color and race of your Redeemer.

You’ve heard it right, cut off your left hands! We went from a request to an order. Remember that you were advised to pay close attention to each thought, it is free; please believe each verse. Loving our enemies, feeding those who hated us and keep on abhorring us the most, we have been the better Person. Beings of multiple layers; we come from a cosmos bigger than yours. There, in there are many mansions.

© Christian Djimra Koumtog



Published by: ckoumtog

Activist, Model, Poet/Writer, Soccer Player and an Entrepreneur at ENTREPRENEUR DE DEMAIN. I have to clarify that my focus from 2006 until 2012 was modeling and the Entertainment business. I never wanted to be an actor although I currently have two Wavers under my belt. I just "need" one more to go from being a Non Union to an Union (SAG) "actor" but {again} that was never my passion- acting! I (nonetheless) have [indeed] done a number of background acting works and gigs. My first work was for NBC and the first show I have ever worked on was 30 Rock. It was unbelievable being on stage with Aleck Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Tina Faye, LL Cool J, Wayne Brady (those last two were featured co-Stars); that was shot on 2/08/2007. I also did some background acting on Cashmere Mafia for ABC as of 9/2007, Ugly Betty from 2008-2010, Kings (2009), Royal Pains and the Good Wife (2010). It was great being an extra also in Films like: THE SMURFS (shot on June 2010) and NEW YEAR'S EVE (2011). As a Poet, I not only want to convey what I feel but {I want to} also express what you, the reader, feel. My inspiration is the loving grace of God (Jesus Christ), my country of birth, the Republic of Chad (Africa) and this World you and I live in. I also find it in Nature (her beauty), my Family and experience. But also in great writers and people like Leopold Sedar Senghor, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, e e cummings, Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) and Jacques Prevert (he is French, I am fluent in French). I also did model as mentioned, I have done a number of fashion shows (Couture Fashion Week in 2009 & 2010, Africa Fashion Week in 2009, etc) when speaking of my younger days. As a soccer player, I played every Sunday in an amateur league in Long Island City and Flushing, Queens. Actually, I went to Kansas City March of 2011 to try out professionally to be part of the Kansas City Sporting (a Major League Soccer) team. I did not make it, unfortunately. My sense of Activism is an everyday matter, from the way I carry myself to writing and promoting this beautiful Art called Poetry. In the future, it will involve concrete actions in developing not only Chad but Africa and promoting the values of Education. I am currently dabbling with the thought of becoming an accomplished lucrative poet (I write a lot!), becoming and a successful Entrepreneur. But yes, I would love to be connected to an understanding PUBLISHING COMPANY that will understand my creative drive and artistic vision so please reach out to me or refer my work if you can. As you read and as you saw, my real Passion is Poetry. I love writing poems. Recently, I have been performing it only because it was another way to reach out to People (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAKfUhJ4BJ8). I recently was asked to blog for the 2013 Men's Pageant for Face of Africa. (Here is the first article I wrote http://faceofafricausa.com/preparation/). "Home-less" was a poem written for a project that was helping people affected by hunger and poverty. It was for the The FWCares Project. http://flexwriterblogsonline.net/?p=231. My self-published book of poetry, entitled CLASSICS: DIPLOMATS IN EXILE (2007) is my #1 Achievement. I started writing at the age of 18. I am in need of sponsors and/or publishers. This vision God blessed me with is simple: We Will Change The World One Poem At A Time. NON STOP POETRY... It is within ALL of us! Just find it.

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